it hade a movie too it wase named sonic and tails the title screen wase like sonic x but it just wase lagie there wase no title at the and? it started with sonic runing arond when sudentlie tails stoped him tails: sonic just stop interesting everione? the screen changed too knucles talking knucles: sonic is just a robot and he will kill tails? then shadow wase on the next screen shadow: i dont like sonic i will kill him? tails and the other characters where big like a humane witch wase strang? tails looked ingrie at the camera? a screen of sonics ded body wase on and it showed oil? tails then flied with here airplane and the movie stoped here there wase a knock on the door there wase a two tailed fox he tried to kill me tails: you want to kill me in sonic games? tails: you onlie think of sonic? i punched tails in the face and rain to my room tails began to fly and tried to crush me i escaped? tails: you know im not a toy? i regreted to kill tails but i did? i got a knife and kiled tails with it? but the body desepired and it wase replaced by a sonic r game? to be concluded?

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