hello it wase an awsome day and i got a dvd of the news im not interested on the news but this intriged me? it begined with three fbis watching a ded body one of them took the body and got away with it? the other two got away the other episode wase the news againe bot there wase a fox bihind the news people? but the screen changed worlds the world wase like a chest world black and red? good tails dool apired he said did i kiled him? then the film crashed? at knith my friend came he sleped here i wase playing sonic r but when i started the game my friend began signing the can you feel the sunchine i herd him shout? the game crashed there wase that tails doll picture? but he hade that blue gem  the everithing began to melt and i wase in that ches world i walked when i herd someone crieng it wase tails he said what are you dieng here? me: i dont now how but he ren i folowed her there wase tha tails doll with that blue gem again gtd: wana race? tails wase moving his face to say no i did said no but the doll begined gtd: lets play tag? we where runing tails: his gona kill us? tails died i was the onlie one left i runed but i woked up?

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