one day someone bot a sonic game it was the second in the series when he got home he got a mesage on his email it said your not ready yet? from a friend? i had enof of being on the computer so he played the game the player had killed tails allot of times?  a voice said What are you doing? but the player didn't pay attention the game was normal but in the boss battle egmane was a fox? the player was worried he fot that he fond a hacked game? then a voice said its not a hacked game? the player wanted to stop playing so he turned of the console? hise computer opened? he got an email that said i want to play againe? from your friend? the player replied who are you? there was no replies the players door range? there wase that man in black? man in black: hers a letter? the player took it it was from mr t? he didnt now who it was yet? he opened the letter. it said im the one your playing with? the player continued playing? he was in the third stage? there was another text box that said why are you so bad at this? tails began turning his head in the game the player: is he talking to me? then the screen flashed there wase a picture of tails watching the player? tails: i now wheres your house? the game crashed the players door ring? behind the door there was his friend? hies friend touched him then said he is coming to see you? then he desepired the player fot that it woes his imagenaisione? he begened chaking? when his lithes started to flicker then he saw a man behind him he wase changing into a two tailed fox tails: don't be scared im not here to scare you? tails grabbed him and trowed him in his plane? tails smiled at her and the player woke up? the player: god it was just a dream?

the player looked at his little mirror and saw tails smiling at him? then the player desepired? and was never seen again?

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