this creepy storie coud be real its your choice? one day maxime hade to look for a dog he fond one that looked sad he bot it it wase free but maxime wasnt paying enie atentione about what the man said and got home hise brother wase watching hise dog and began to be sad when maxime returned he died? he hade lost his eyes? maxime began cheking for clues but nothing wase fond hise dog in her bed maxime got to sleep he dreamed about hise dog he saw red eyes on hise dog? the dog showed hise tethe? his pointie teeth maxime wase eated? he woked up  but his dog desepired? he wase mising hise mouth? he tried to shout but he coudnt? Sad dog: im your dog your worst dog i will heunt you and kill your friends and i will stole your mouth i im coming to tacke you join me?

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