ok one day i dreamed of tails in sonic but this videos game and video caset was one hell more strange? i got a video game about sonic? but it was really creepy the title was just the name sonic but in backwards the game reseted?  then a photo of tails doll apired on screen he had a blue gem the game starded after ten minutes. i was playing as tails doll? but with a blue gem the first part was in a red and black bacrond with strange voices coming out of no where i woes not playing the game played by itself? a text box apired it said go to hell or heaven? i selected heaven but the game got in hell? a screamer of some ones face apired? the game restarted again? this time a coud chose tails but sonic was gone? a title apired saying tails the fox and there wase no sonic? the first stage was a forest? tails started talking like in sonic heroes but he said im not just a sidekick? a video begin it was tails getting a soupcase it contemned a robot sonic with real skin. to be continued.

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