one day marco was a tails fan he looked for a game about tails he fond the sceeriest one it wase caled TAILS? the man that sold the game named jone said that this wase a sonic dx game? marco was happy so he got hise gamecube and played it the title screen wase like the normal game but it hade special features? he cliked the special features but he coud'nt play it? so he played the game it wase tails on hise plane but he didnt crash tails: im gona land on this citie? sonic: whats up? everothing wase hd too? Tails: i fote you died? then there wase that flashback of sonic dieng in sonic DX? the original one? marco: sonic didnt die? then marco continued playing finalie he begened controling tails theire was arows to show him where to go he stoped in a labratory? there wase that sign about tails on some flags tails: im the president so i deside what we do? he continued with tails he moved to a desert? sonic: egmane? tails: i know it is egmane OK? Tails: now stop bieng like my yong me? everie thing els wase normal but? the and the and wase tails crashing his plane by axident but in the and credits there wase this word SleEp  TiTe? marco throwed the game away but there wase another game caled TAILS 2?

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