When we got out of the machine, we were in my house again. 

Good Tails Doll:  Help me...

Tails: Okay, now he has a good side too?

We opened the door, creaking as it revealed the room. The Good Tails Doll was laying right there. On my couch. We slowly approached him, and he started to babble on about "the dark soul".

As if out of nowhere, something pushed the doll over with a lot of force. A voice, dark and intense, boomed, "You stupid kid!"

We were startled, so we ran up the stairs. I guess it followed us too.

There was many monsters from creepypastas in my home. Too many to name. We ran to the basement and locked the door. In the darkness, only the good tails doll's blueish light shone dimly. "Look. There are 7 pure souls," he said slowly. "Shush. They might find us!" I whispered.  

I could hear a small laugh. (From him?). "There has been one missing for quite some time. But, after spending quite some time with you, I figured it out. You're the one. You have been chosen to be the last one of this generation! 7 more will be chosen after you die. That is, if you die by the hands of one of us."

"Just kill me already."

"Wait. What?"

"Open your belly, or whatever the hell you do. I can't do it. You know damn well."

I turned towards him as he opened his belly. Light poured from it. But... what was that... diamond for?

Credit Goes To: Good Tails Doll (story)

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