Perhaps I should explain. My name is Horizons on the wikia, though most call me Rylee. I am in charge of visiting my now insane sister, who is a Master Soul, or at least perceived to be. She often rambles on and on about what adventures she did have. Eventually she told me how she had regretted joining, and had always wanted to be an Assistant to the Pure Souls, whom are another group capable of defeating Tails Doll.

These are now what my sister and I believe are the true order of the Master Souls, through evidence of an old prophecy that has come to light.

The Guardian

The Guardian Master Soul is just that. A guardian. Created to guard the Pure Souls or to aid them in their efforts. It is not determined by how much they protect, it is more determined by their motivation.

  • Keep in mind, there may be two variations of the Guardian. The original, who is more of a mentor, and the Neo Guardian, who is now in charge of ensuring the safety of the entirety of the Master Souls.
  • The color most associated with them is green.

The Warrior

Known for violent outbursts, but otherwise a person who fights for one side, and one side only. They are not to be taken lightly, as they can easily hurt someone. However, they are not cruel by nature, and will often mercy if so decided by the Warrior.

  • The Warrior may provide as more of a tank in this situational standpoint.  However, the quality of a Warrior can exist in both an Explorer and a Guardian, depending on the personalities.
  • The color most associated with them is red. This, however, does not make them in any way related to the Tails Doll, or of any entity similar to it.

The Explorer

With a natural sense of curiosity, they often times get themselves into trouble. They may appear as clumsy, or accident-prone. However, they do have an odd knack for finding oddities.

  • There are not many ways to differentiate an Explorer from any of the other 3 Master Souls. Although, if they are insistent on going on adventures or anything of the sort, that's normally a tell-tale sign.
  • The color most associated with them is orange.

==The Beast==

Possibly the most volatile of them all, the Beast can appear as any of the positions listed above, only to reveal who they really are through a series of events that lead to the loss of sanity.

  • However, they can be determined by an odd fascination with things that normally are very disturbing or acting sadistic towards enemies.
  • The color most associated with them is blue.
    • (Rylee): I believe this to be my sister, and therefore, I will cross out this page in the HTML.

How to Determine a Master Soul (Speculation)


If the person in question tries to, or has in the past, protect people from any sorts of harm and becomes depressed or saddened when they cannot may be of that occupation. However, if the person in question is willing to die to protect, they are truly a Guardian.


Although this is not hard to determine, as regular violent outbursts are a tell-tale sign, it cannot be towards friends. They must be fighting for a cause valiantly, and will come across many challenges in order to prove themselves as a true Warrior.
(Rylee): It's a damn shame I cannot include Sonic characters on this.


Marked by their sense of adventure and fearlessness, they often rush into danger, telling themselves that they'll be able to get out of whatever rut they enter scot-free. They'll be able to easily prove themselves an Explorer, compared to the others.
(Rylee): I would not know who this would be. My guess would be that it would be Tristan, or something along those lines, but then again, I do not know. I am only guessing.


They may appear as slightly off a certain description of any of the Master Souls above, but will slowly reveal that they're inherently evil. However, they will fight this, and sometimes may lose control over themselves. If they are to be of any use, they must learn to control the side of them that has been corrupted.
(Rylee): There's been a slight change of plans with the Beast Master Soul. If we are to believe that it is my own sister, then we must take it out, as she is unable to fight any longer. 

Leader (Teacher):

The reason I have not talked about this in any further detail on the first four is that this is only a variation of the Guardian. However, they have qualities of all four Master Souls, with Guardian dominating their personalities. They are determined before any of the other Master Souls.
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