Hello there! The name's Rylee! You can check my stuff if needed, not sure why you would but... that's not important! I'm one of the few people on this wikia *cough cough* and I'm glad you're here! Here's some of the things you can do.


Write stories! It's highy encouraged by everyone, and we appreaciate your work. :D


The current RP! My gosh, this is a complicated one, and hopefully I can make it to where it's a little easier to digest. *takes a deep breath*

So we're currently looking for Master Souls! They could be anyone, and I mean anyone!

TD, Tails Doll, is the guy that we're fighting. He's mean and stuff and took my sister because of some master plan. But she's back now, but no one really knows how she got back. CONSPIRACY TIME

I'm a master soul too~ and so is Tristan, and GTD, and we have 7... I think. We're still looking for 1 more so we can make 8, go to hell, beat up TD's butt, and save everyone! :D

I don't know if you can apply to be a master soul, honestly I think you'd have to talk to either me or GTD... But if you think you are one, make sure to let us know. :3

Wow. That was lengthy.


Um... read I guess? I dunno I kinda ran out of stuff by here so yeah.

Two people who write good stories. I mostly write what happens on the wikia's chat, and GTD writes miscellaneos stuff. So have fun. :D

This user, Rylee has Klonoa, is currently facedesking ~

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